Saturday, September 20, 2008

Successful Prediction - The Permanent World Encyclopa

H.G. Wells, an excellent writer, was also an excellent futurist. Many ideas that he had wrote about have come true in some respect.

One such idea was the thought of a permanent library ( or a 'World Brain." He said tat there will be a need for a more advanced encyclopaedia to help increase knowledge. Schools are born all the time back then, however the current encyclopaedias were "for gentelmen by gentlemen." Universal education was not something that was thought of as much back then.

Have we such an encyclopaedia now? I think we do. The Internet has all sorts of information, spans multiple cultures and is available to anyone with a computer. We can get to it on our cell phones and other personal equipment, making it even more accessible.

Myself, I have used my phone to win (and lose) debates with friends. What are the lyrics of this song? When was it produced? All of this is available to us.

So yes, I think we do have a permanent world encyclopaedia. Maybe not as H.G. Wells had invisioned, but his prediction has come true.

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