Sunday, September 14, 2008

Audacity - Podcast Creation Software

I have made my first podcast today! To do so, I utilized a tool called Audacity.

Audacity is a very powerful tool that allows you to create a podcast and save it in a variety of file formats. The software provides many different effects that you can execute on your podcast giving it some individuality.

I thought the tool was pretty easy to use, although it wasn't perfectly stable for me. The program did crash once while I was creating my podcast, however that is not bad for a Windows system anyway!

All in all, the tool was great, although there is a lot more to podcasting than I had thought. There was a bit more to it than just recording the file. Blogger doesn't host the file natively, so I had to find a place to host it. Once that was found, however, things were fairly easy.

That would be an excellent addition in the future Blogger!!!

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DrC said...

*grins* I had read on the Gabcast site that it is possible to upload mp3s to there and feed them as episodes in your Gabcast channel (logical grouping of episodes), but have not tried it.

Fun podcast! Periodically, it sampled a little faster than normal (or your words flow a lot faster these days).

Still, it is a treat to hear you speak and discuss the future of medicine. I'm all for nature's snowplows and avoiding chemotherapy. *grins*

I had read that you can adjust it by converting it to a standard mp3 speed (like 44.1). I did not check yours and my isp might be the culprit.

Nice job - weaving nanoethics into your podcast. Technological accomplishments are wonderful when balanced by the ethical, social, political, cultural, financial, and legal issues.